Bath City FC

Bath City FC is the team I have supported since I was 12 years old. I began reading about their financial troubles on the back of the Bath Chronicle when I started doing a paper round. Before that point I only really thought that the Premier League, England and the two Bristol clubs were the only teams who played much football or that had fans. I had no idea my home City had such a big team and could face financial difficulties. I then took my Dad down with me to watch them and haven’t stopped going.

I remember seeing the main stand for the first time and thinking it was huge. I wondered why more people didn’t come and support their local team with such a facility only a quarter of an hour walk away from Oldfield Park. Learning that the club used to be much better supported (than in the 2000/01 season) and that when my Mum was growing up in Weston village she could actually hear a roar when City scored (back in the 1960s) was amazing.

Now after years of ups and downs I’m still supporting the club as much as money will allow (albeit a lack of away games) and working with the club to try and get people to support their local club.

I’m also a proud shareholder of the club now after the success of the Big Bath City Bid – Bath City FC is now community owned.