Table Tennis

There will be lots of articles about Table Tennis on M Tanner Sports, thanks to the opportunities JF Sports Management has given us since February 2014. ‘A brief look at a minor sport in Britain’ was the first table tennis article posted as just an introductory piece at writing about something that wasn’t football.

It was then picked up on Twitter by Andrew Baggaley and Darius Knight who helped RT it and it gained a decent readership for such an early article. That’s when Darius’ management got involved and help set up some high profile interviews and meetings with Leon Reid (a sprinter) and Darius himself.

Since then we were invited to the Heritage Oil Open back in July 2014 which was a real eye opener into how a large sporting event worked behind the scenes.

In the build up there was also a great opportunity to interview around 15 of the top seeds for the tournament. This series was entitled Five Questions and was very well received amongst the table tennis community and wider readership.