Happy New Year – on to 2017!

Happy New Year to all of my readers in 2016!

I hope you have all enjoyed the festive period with loved ones and have even taken part in or watched some local sport. 2017 promises to be another action packed year for all of our Bath/Bristol based clubs and I’ll do my best to report on some of those clubs.

The website has become a little less active in the past 12 months due to work commitments but from February onwards I should have a bit more time to devote to it. I’ll continue to try and report on teams and clubs who don’t always get into mainstream media. So if you are reading this as a club official or a member of a club who would appreciate some extra publicity then please get in touch; press releases are always welcome.

I run this website as a hobby alongside a full time job and don’t look to make any money from this. Over the past few years I have sponsored various teams and this season it was Larkhall Athletic in this early season shirt sponsorship draw. So if you feel that I can help out your club with a match report or feature article to help raise awareness then drop me a message.

A big thank you must go to those clubs who continue to support the site, in particular James Robinson & Lily Stone (Spartan Dodgeball Club), Chris Chatten (Bath & Wiltshire Romans) and Richard Evans (Bristol Baseball Club).

I hope the site is one you still want to read and let me know if it’s not (and why)! I’ve always wanted to give readers what they want and will continue to do so in this new year. Thanks for keeping this little project going since 2014.

So have a great recovery day today and hopefully see you at a game soon!

Mark Tanner


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