The Family Rain May ’14

A quick catch up with Ollie Walter


Following Arsenal’s dramatic 3-2 win over Hull City on Saturday 17th May M Tanner Sports caught up with Ollie Walter from the Bath based band The Family Rain on a very sunny weekend to talk football.


Now as a long suffering Arsenal fan how did you find the game?

Nerve racking! Arsenal seem to have a habit of not making things easy for themselves and going 2 nil down after 8 minutes was crazy. It did make for a great game and a sweeter victory though perhaps.


It was good to see so many British players in this year’s cup final. Do you think it was a good advert for some of the talent we have here in the UK?

Yeah for sure. We’re big fans of the national team and hopefully it is a positive sign for us that more talented homegrown players are starting to emerge.


If there could be a Team GB in the World cup this summer, which players would you swap around for the current England squad, or are there any different English players you would have taken?

Well if there was a Team GB squad I’m pretty sure it goes without saying that Gareth Bale would be first on the team sheet, Aaron Ramsey as well of course. I’m actually pretty happy with the selection for the World Cup though. We don’t seem to have much pressure on us this year and there are some exciting young players.


Have you guys ever played any gigs at any football grounds?

No, but we are actually going to be this Sunday for the first time. We are playing a festival called ‘Mighty Boof at the stadium’ at Copeland Stadium in Whitehaven.


If you were to get the big one at Wembley would you ask to take a pen on the famous turf?

Without question!

 In your down time do you get a chance to play any sports?

Yeah, not too much footy though cause it’s generally just the three of us hanging out when all our mates are at work! We have got into tennis a lot recently which is cool.


And who out of the 3 of you is the best of sports?

Ollie… I’m writing this so I have the final word!


Will fans ever get to see you on stage in football shirts this summer?

Probably not, Tim and Will run a very strict wardrobe department!


You’ve had your first album, Under the Volcano, out back in February. What is next for the band this year?

Well we are back in the studio, so there will be more songs and we have a headline tour starting on 4th June followed by plenty of festivals over the summer.


Finally have you seen the England fixtures for the World Cup yet? Have you managed to sort it out with your manager to be able to play your gigs around those dates?

Haha well our manager isn’t really into football so he wouldn’t really understand. Luckily though our tour ends two days before England’s first World Cup game so it looks like it has all worked out!


All the best with the recording Ollie, we’ll be sure to catch you in Bath at Komedia on the 11th June. Hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have any more questions for The Family Rain we’ll try and catch up with the lads later in the year to get their Premier League predictions.

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