5 things you need to know: Big Bath City Bid June 2015

5 things you need to know:
Big Bath City Bid – June 2015

Update – There is now a 6 reasons why you should invest right now to the Big Bath City Bid here

In light of the launch night on the 2nd June, which officially opened the Big Bath City Bid, here is a guide with the top five things you need to know about the bid.

1) Purpose – The bid’s aim is to buy Bath City FC in order to run it as a community run club. Other community run clubs include FC United, Lewes and AFC Wimbledon to name a few from a similar background to Bath. This would open up the club to new investment to grants and schemes which have previously be unavailable to the club. More importantly though it would make the club sustainable for generations to come and put the power back into the fans and well wishers of the club.

2) Amount needed – 1.4 million was the initial amount projected by the bid team. This amount would be to buy out the existing shares, clear the historic debt and to fund the club for a season at Conference South level. After the launch though it has now come out that £750,000 is needed to make the club community owned. However a figure of 1.25 million will also clear the club’s debt.

3) How much is a community share? – The minimum price has been cut from £500 to just £250 to own a community share. There are different tiers of membership for individuals and businesses looking to invest. More information can be found here. Also all money will be returned if the money isn’t raised to take over the club

4) Timescale – The chance to buy community shares started on June 2nd (and at time of writing nearly £7000 has been raised in little over 24 hours) and closes on 4th September.

5) Anything else I can do? – The Bid team are looking for volunteers to help with promotion and events throughout the summer (and hopefully beyond). You can keep in touch with them on social media or by emailing info@bigbathcitybid.org.uk you can also suggest events and help make them happen.

This is a very quick break down of some key aspects to the bid. Ian Holloway, Jason Dodd and Jim Rollo are all firmly behind the bid, make sure you are too!

Still have questions? Couldn’t make the launch on the 2nd? Want to meet the Bid team?

Well you can! There is a follow up event at Twerton Park on Monday 15th June, which will include a question and answer session for fans and well wishers of the club. Copies of the official prospectus will be available to take away along with posters and the opportunity to buy badges and t-shirts.

Make sure you get clued up on the Bid by looking at the following links:

Bid website

Link to buy shares



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