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I didn’t think I’d ever write this but it had to be done after the last year or so.

This is the last post on this website – for now – as other projects have come up which need my full attention.

I’ve started Keynsham TTC in the last two and a bit years (since Sept 2017) and it’s taken off a big way – bigger than I ever imagined when I first started it! You can find out more information at the bottom of this article.

I’ll still keep this site up and running for a while yet as I think it brings a lot of value for local players and fans; with 550 sports articles on here. There is still a strong readership for the site too.

To keep this going I may implement adverts (if I can figure out how) to try and cover the running costs.

The changes in my life since it’s beginnings in 2013/14 have been huge too. I’m married now, changed jobs, stopped watching football and concentrate all of my free time to table tennis; playing and coaching.

So a big thank you to all of the players and managers that I’ve covered over the years. Thanks in particular to Richard Evans, James Robinson and Chris Chatten who have all provided quite excellent press releases over the years.

I hope I’ve achieved a little of what I set out to achieve in giving a voice to smaller, alternative sports and teams in the Bristol and Bath area. It’s been an absolute pleasure in reporting and helping out these teams who would have otherwise been overlooked.

Please do keep up to date with my activities going forward:

I have my own website now –

My Twitter is /marktanner87

Instagram is /marktanner87/

YouTube is yeah working on this one!

Keynsham Table Tennis – website

Twitter – /keynshamttc

Facebook – /keynshamttc/

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