Meet the Mananger ’14 Part 2

Meet the Manager Part 2

Paul WilliamsWe’re all in it together

Are there any development lads coming through at the moment?
Ben Elliot is the furthest along at the moment but you just don’t know with at least 10 new lads starting their training and courses in the next few weeks. They will all train with us once they’re back and we’ll take a look then. That’s how Noah Keats came through, Hector Mackie brought him along to training one night.

What about Ryan Mitchell?
He was another that did well this pre season but he thought it would be better to play regular football and has ended up signing for Shepton Mallet. He attracted a lot of interest from Southern League clubs but he can play every week at Western League level.

Will the club always have a full bench this season? Are all of the Academy boys signed on?
No only the 5 best ones, who will also training with us too. The reason we don’t sign them all on is that they are very young this season as we had to move a lot of the older lads on and so it’ll be made up of a lot of 15/16 year olds. Also some players won’t want to sit on the bench for weeks on end and will get advice to keep playing rather than doing that. It’s a different situation from even 10 years ago when you could get lots of players keen to get on the bench for a Conference game. We will still include younger players where we can  as it does build confidence and gets them experience of adult football.

We tend to play better away from home, what do you think?
Some times yes as there can be a bit of an edge at Twerton Park when things aren’t going well. Shouts and comments do affect players confidence at this level and even more so with the younger age of the squad. We need positivity from the terraces if we are going to succeed but equally we understand a minority maybe do come just to have a moan. That’s where we need your vocal backing to drown them out. Every single board member puts 100% into everyday they spend down at the club and it’s hurtful to them as well as the players to hear these shouts week in week out.

Finally, how are we going to find the extra money to fund the team we currently have?
Make sure you talk about the club in a positive light to everyone you meet. If you can bring a group of friends with you to a game then that all adds up over the course of a season. Also again if you have any money making ideas that will maybe attract a different group to the club then please get in touch and we’ll do our up most to see them through. Keep pushing the club forward as at the end of the day we all want a successful team.

Lee HowellsThis team is one of the best teams we’ve ever had

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