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Bath Futsal Player Profile
Michael Wootten

We managed to catch up with the player/manager/founder of Bath Futsal Club; Michael Wootten. Michael has helped the growth of the club on here immensely over the last few months and always has time for a comment on each article. Recently he has also set up more sponsors for the club whilst dealing with a young family and enrolling in higher education.

Michael Wootten Futsal

Position:                               Defender

Debut game:                        Kettering Futsal Club (2013)

Age:                                       23

Past clubs:                             11 a side: Kingsmead FC, Booyas, Wansdyke FC, Jazz Sports.

Other sports:                        I now only play Futsal but have dabbled in Basketball and Badminton.

Player Questions:

You run the team behind the scenes and have appointed a captain on the pitch. What qualities are you looking for from your skipper this season?
From my skipper I expect and demand the same level of passion and love for the club as I give. Being a leader/organiser on the court is there main role and leading by example is the main attribute for the captain. The reason I appointed a captain was to get other players really involved in the club and to allow me to have a small break and to be free on the court.

Off the field you have secured some impressive sponsorship deals, arranged travel, collect subs, hold down a job, provide for your young family and enrolled in a college course! How do you have the time and energy for all of this? and will you share it with your team mates and us?
To be honest I don’t know how I do it, I seem have to squeezed something into all the time I have. What most players won’t see is all the organisation that goes on behind the scene’s, meetings, paperwork, phone calls, social media, website and the list goes on. (if that didn’t happen) I wouldn’t be able to run the club to the same level I do now. Doing so much is extremely challenging and sometimes frustrating but what makes it worth it for me is seeing players enjoying the game and developing themselves. The downside to all this is I get ill a lot due to “burning the candle at both ends” and I don’t get to see my family anywhere near as much as I would like. I focus on the end goal and will keep pushing until it has been reached!

On the playing side of your game have you set yourself any personal goals on the pitch?
For me its pretty simple, keep pushing myself technically, physically and tactically to become the best I can. I want to do the best job on and off the court as I can both for the team and for anyone watching the game. A great quote I often use is “a champion was once a contender that refused to give up”, I believe hard work and dedication will be rewarded in some way over time.


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