Big Bath City Bid Q&A June ’15

Bid Q&A June 2015

Twerton Park hosted the Big Bath City Bid Q&A session following up on their launch two weeks ago. Around 40 Bath City fans had another opportunity to ask questions to the Bid team.

It was revealed that the Bid team are happy with the start made, with around 7% of the total raised already. It is expected to keep growing at a steady rate for the rest of the month with the most growth predicted in late July and throughout August. The clear message from the team on the night is for fans to commit to the scheme now so that it’s story will get picked up and supported by the local press and businessmen.

The minimum share issue is £250 for individuals and £1000 for businesses, capped at £100,000.

 It is a lot of money for most individuals to pay all in one go, but you will have until September to save up. “If you buy online via Microgenius nothing goes out of your account until/unless we are successful in September” says Oliver Holtaway.

There are also various pricing tiers for businesses that can be tailored to suit different needs. This information can be found on the Bid website

One question that readers of our site wanted answered was: are there any big events planned? The answer was yes some are being worked on by Ken Loach but the more people that step up and help the better. So if you have any ideas on fundraisers or can lend a hand then please get in touch by emailing

The main message of the evening was from current Supporters Society Director, Shane Morgan, which is to get involved in actively promoting the bid. This was backed up my Bid member Marc Thomas who helps organise the street teams “it can’t just be 12 men in a room making decisions, it has to come from it’s members being active”.

The next event for the Bid team is a street stall in Union street in Bath this Saturday morning (20th June), come and say hello from 9am onwards, or better still volunteer to help run the stall for an hour or two.

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