Bath TTL Cup week March 2019

Cup week – March 2019


Restricted Cup

Radstock B 3 – 6 Radstock A

The A team came out on top in this interclub game with Chris Bennett picking up 3 wins.

Radstock C 1 – 8 Ensleigh A

The Division One team came through with a solid showing again their Division Two opposition.

Oldfield D 5 – 4 Bathford C

Greg Burridge was the hero for the home side beating Richard Wickham in the fourth set.

Key Centre A 2 – 7 Bear Flat A

Paul Green and Andrew Steady were too strong for the home team who had to call up Ricardo Perpetua from the B team.

Handicap Cup

Yatton Keynell B 4 – 5 Bath Invaders A

The Invaders dug deep to beat Yatton with Raymond Hall coming through the final match 21-18 to book his team into the next round.

Bitton 1 – 5 Bath Invaders B

Steve Doidge’s win in the 6th match was enough to win the tie for the away side, choosing to end the night early.

KO Cup

Oldfield B 2 – 5 Chippenham A

Gary Baldwin’s team got to five games to end the night early at their digression to move into the next round.

Oldfield A walk over as Bath Invaders B couldn’t raise a team.

League action returns this week with crunch games coming across all three divisions. If you can, make sure you get down and support your local teams if you have a free week.

Do you need some extra practice this week too?

The Bath and District Table Tennis League run a Monday tea time session, 5.30pm-7.15pm, at St John’s School in Oldfield Park.

There is also a session in Keynsham at the Somerdale Pavilion on a Friday night, called Keynsham Table Tennis Club. This is for ages 12 plus with beginners and league players alike at 6pm-9pm, and equipment is provided at each venue.

Want to watch some local table tennis now?

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