Five Questions: Darius Knight

Darius Knight

Darius was desperately unlucky to miss out on the Commonwealth Games squad and the European matches coming up but he is our Dark Horse to go all the way in the Heritage Open 2014. The former Olympian will approach this Open full of confidence after beating Sam Walker in an exhibition match last week. Read what he said in his 5 Questions:

1) The groups have been drawn and you are up against Lorestas TRUMPAUSKAS, Semi IDOWU and Josh BAND have you played any of them before?

I have played Lorestas before, well many times he’s quite a good player with a great hand. I haven’t played him over the last couple of years but I know that he is still a top England player.

Josh band is a good mate of mine, so its always tricky playing against them but he knows who’s boss so I think I may just edge him out.

2) How big is this event for English Table Tennis?

Well this is the biggest event there is; last year it was a great turnout and there were many good matches. I really enjoyed myself.

3) Paul Drinkhall and Liam Picthford are favourites for this tournament, are they the two players to beat if you want to go all the way?

Well Liam has definitely got something special, he’s tricky to play and has improved so much over the years. Paul form has really come on recently too coming back from injury. so i think they are close favourites to at least be in the semis but there are a few good international player so you never know.

4) Which up and coming players are you looking forward to watching in the under 21s?

I hardly pay attention to the younger boys, as I haven’t played against many of them, or had any encounters.

5) Finally, how important is it to the sport that BT Sports are covering the latter stages?

I think its great for the sport, its a British game everyone can play it and its just entertaining; and its on TV!

Thanks for taking time out to complete you 5 Questions, best of luck with the Open!

Darius also has a Table Tennis equipment business; which can be found here

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