Five Questions: Hannah Hicks

Hannah Hicks

Hannah Hicks took time out of her busy training schedule to answer our 5 Questions; which completes our Table Tennis Five Questions series. We have now managed to get all 10 of England’s Commonwealth Games squad and 4 other top players.

1) You have been drawn against Alice Abbat, Yolanda King and Daniella Gray. Have you ever played against any of them before?

I have only played against Yolanda King

2) Do you have any other tournaments coming up before the Commonwealth Games?

We have a friendly match against Australia on 19th then we go straight on to Glasgow.

3) There are lots of young players coming through at the moment but who are the contenders for the Open this year?

Yes there are young players coming through which is great to see. Tin-Tin Ho and Maria Tsapsinos could certainly cause an upset and have a good run in both singles event.

4) How did you get into the sport at a young age? and then what kept you playing?

I was on holiday with my Mum, Dad, Sister and Brother and first experienced it there in the game room. Then when I started school in year 7 that same year I went along to the after school clubs. At that time I was very sporty anyway so I just loved giving anything a go. But what attracted me to table tennis was the fact it was more of an individual sport and I guess I just got a real buzz from playing it so I carried on playing.

5) There is television coverage by BT Sports in the latter stages of this Open and the Commonwealth Games. Will we expect to see more table tennis on TV in the future?

I’d like to think so, certainly after the Commonwealths because we could potentially get a several medals within the squad. So hopefully that will encourage the media to follow it more.

Many thanks Hannah and best of luck in the Open, it’s sure to be a close one!

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