Ken Loach at Campfire Bath ’14


British film director is guest storyteller at Campfire Bath, Tuesday 30 September 2014, 7.30pm at The Porter, Bath.

Campfire Bath brings Bath residents a rare and special opportunity to share a pint and listen to stories from acclaimed British film director, Ken Loach. The event will raise funds for Bath City FC Sports Community Foundation, which brings the benefits of sports to children in Bath of which Ken Loach is Chairman.

Ken Loach has had a long career directing films for television and cinema from Cathy Come Home and Kes to Looking for Eric, The Wind that Shakes the Barley and most recently Jimmy’s Hall. He is also known for never selling out to Hollywood and speaking out on issues in Society that matter.

Drawing on stories and experience from film, his work in local community and society Ken will be sharing stories of ‘Collaboration’. The importance of collaboration in creativity, whether that is creating a film or a local community or wider society, and the role we can each play in choosing collaboration over competition.

Ken Loach, said: “Words like ‘collaboration’, ‘teamwork’ and ‘community’ have been devalued through overuse. Yet our society has become fractured and divided. I look forward to discussing how we can resolve this paradox, with a few stories from behind the camera thrown in!”

Kat Byles, Campfire Bath, said: “Rarely do you get the opportunity to pop down the local pub with a British film director to listen to creative insights and inspiration on a theme as important as Collaboration. And raise awareness and money for Bath City FC Community Sports Foundation while you are at it. Don’t miss it.”

Campfire Bath tickets cost £12.50 (earlybird) and £15 (general admission) and can be purchased here:

Campfire Bath is the informal drinks evening bringing inspiration, collaboration and storytelling to people of Bath directing their energy, creativity and talents to do good in their work, life and play.  It is organised by Kat Byles, PR and creativity consultant, Emma Horn, producer and Simon Tapscott, Do Good Things.

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