Our One to watch Bristol TT GP 2014

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Bristol Table Tennis GP 2014

It’s my old team-mate Scott Cooper who has rediscovered his love for table tennis, supports a young family and is working towards a degree for a job he’ll enjoy!

1. This will be your first Grand Prix tournament on home soil, what events are you entering and what are your aims?

My first time in any tournament mate, I’m entering Band 6 only, had a few health things going on so didn’t want to over-do it. To get a win or two would be a good start. Just wanted to experience the whole thing ready for the next one, where hopefully I’ll be able to enter more events. Be more prepared and have a go at winning the band, not to say I wouldn’t like to this time.

2. You’ve been playing in the Bath & District for the last few years, where are you playing this season?

This is my 3rd season playing, so I’ve been playing in total just over 2 years. After a pretty successful second season in Div 1 last year I’m splitting my time between 4 leagues and just playing once or twice a week. Playing in the Prem this time around so a more challenging season I think. Got off to a good start in Bath Prem though so just try continue with that I guess.

3. You’re currently studying at Bristol Academy at the moment after a long gap from full-time education, what are you studying and how was the change from working to studying been?

I’m studying sport science, well trying, it is a hard transition but I’ll get it in the end.

4. How many times do you currently practice a week?

I’m not training at the minute, just league matches. This will hopefully change after Xmas and I’ll train 3-4 times a week plus match practice.

5. With this tournament in Bristol will you have a small group of friends and family there to watch and support you?

I will have the well-known ‘Bath Invaders’ from bath Div 1 supporting me, eeeek they’re murder that lot, should be fun! Some of the players and coaches from the Academy will be there so it should be a great experience. Family I get too nervous in front of them and it is nerve wrecking enough.

Scott has since challenge me to enter the next one to do a first person account of the tournament, if there is enough interest then I’ll aim for the Cardiff one maybe. Might need to share a lift with Scott and the Invaders though…

Best of luck to Scott, you’ll know which table he’ll be on due to the cheering, get in touch with your thoughts and views on the competition this weekend!

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