Wayne’s Xmas Rovers XI 2014

Christmas Rovers XI

By Wayne Collins

As it’s the festive season I thought I would have a bit of fun – I have come up with a Rovers Christmas 11 made up of players past and present (it’s so much harder than it sounds!).

Sam Walking in a Winter Wonderland 
(Sam Walker)

Mark McChristmas
(Mark McChrystal)

Chris Carol-thers
(Chris Carruthers)

Danny Coals
(Danny Coles)

Danny Boxingday
(Danny Boxall)

Ian Hollyway
(Ian Holloway)

John-Joe O’Tinsel 
(John-Joe O’Toole)

Dominic Blizzard
(No changes needed here!)

Christmas Lines 
(Chris Lines)

Junior aHOHO
(Junior Agogo)

Bauble Zamora
(Bobby Zamora)

To be honest it was a bit of a struggle! Are there any obvious ones I have missed?

Up next for Rovers is a home game to Gateshead on Friday night. This game is live on BT sport so hopefully we can show the TV audience what we are capable of.

To everyone who takes the time to read my bits on this great site (well done Mark), thanks for reading and have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Come on Rovers! 

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