Statement from the Big Bath City Bid Sept 2015

Statement from the Big Bath City Bid
After deadline on 5th Sept 2015

Courtesy of the Big Bath City Bid

In just three months the Big Bath City Bid has attracted £303,276 in community funding from a wide range of individuals, local businesses, community groups, celebrities and Bath City supporters. Thank you to everyone who has supported the Bid – while we may not have reached our target just yet, we feel the genie is well and truly out of the bottle.

The Bath City Supporters’ Society and the Big Bath City Bid team remain committed to community ownership as the best way to create a secure and prosperous future for Bath City FC. We are hopeful that we can build on the success of the last three months to continue to move towards that goal, and to inject new energy and enthusiasm into the club.

The share offer has closed, pending consultation with investors and supporters. An open meeting will take place at Twerton Park at 7pm on Monday 7 September. A questionnaire will also be circulated from 12th to 17th September to ensure that all investors have the chance to be heard. Based on this feedback and negotiations with the Board, a proposed way forward will be put to investors no later than Monday 21 September.

As always, no money can be taken from the community share offer unless we hit our target or otherwise receive the explicit consent of the investor. Anyone who wants to withdraw their pledge may do so, and may request that cheques and bank transfers are returned.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who have worked tirelessly on this project, and to the people of Bath for their help and support as we strive to give this city the football club it deserves.

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