Bath TTL Cup Week One

Last week saw the start of the Restricted Cup and the Handicap Cup:

Restricted Cup

This competition is for Division One and Two teams, like the league cup in football. There is a real chance of silverware come the end of the season for teams from either division depending on the luck of the draw. The games are up to 11 with no doubles, just a straight 9 matches.

In true cup spirit there were some shocks already!

Radstock C 6-3 Yatton Keynell C

The Division Two team came through this game with thanks to a Paul Crocker maximum helping eliminate their Division One opposition.

Batheaston A 8-1 Batheaston B

Dennis Townsend’s team extended their unbeaten league form to the cup with an interclub win. Dennis himself and Gary Sartain gained maximums with Phil Gentle getting the conciliation win for the B team.

Handicap Cup

Open to all three leagues this competitions aims to give teams a level playing field with Division Two players getting a points start again higher league opposition. So for instance you can have a player on 11 from a lower division against a player on 3 from a higher division, which would mean a 8-0 start.

All games are up to 21 with no doubles games, so no Tuesday night replays or penalties!

Key Centre A 7-2 Yatton Keynell A

Unfortunately this shock win for the Division One side was tarnished with Yatton Keynell only being able to field two players. This takes nothing away from the battling display from the two players that did make the fixture, or from the wins from David Galley and his home side.

Oldfield E 3-6 Bathford D

Teenagers Evan Holding and Greg Rowland came through with maximums to steer the Division Two team past high league opposition.

Bath Invaders A 6-3 Bathford C

Two wins for each of the home side was enough for the Premiership team to edge past their Division One counterparts. Russell Cole did manage two wins for the away side.

Oldfield B 7-2 Radstock B

The match was over by the 7th game as the Premiership team overcame their lower league visitors. Paul Redman put in a solid display to earn a maximum for the home side whilst Mark Bennetts put in a brace for the visitors.

Bear Flat A 8-1 Mayfield

Paul Green and Justin Johnstone overcame their handicap disadvantages to negotiate clear passage through against their Division Two opposition.

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